Flats in Dehradun: Real Estate has always been considered a safe and long-term investment by my investors. But for the end-user, there has always been a dilemma regarding the source of funds for the purchase. Considering an investor has sufficient funds to make an investment, still, it is always advisable to go for an option of housing loan. The main reason being that, there always remains liquidity in the hands of an investor and with interest rates coming down to record lows and the government increasing the tax deduction limits on housing loans, it makes perfect sense for buyers to avail housing loan, to enhance their gains. Also, there have been instances where in the investors have been duped and all the hard-earned savings are lost in the hands of fraudsters. This is also the reason behind the change in perception of investors, especially in the city like Dehradun, towards their willingness to invest in flats in Dehradun.